Best LED Lights For Car Interiors 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

led lights for car interiorsMany people are looking for the best ways to customize their car these days and LED lights for car interior are a perfect way to do just that. With LED lights for car interior, you will add illumination to the inside of your vehicle and make it look super-cool.

LED lights for car interior come in lighting kits and a range of rainbow style multi-color or single color options.

So why not pick up LED lights for car interior and see how they look on your car? LED lights for car interior are something that will really make your car look even better.

LED Lights For Car Interiors 2017

It is easy to focus on upgrading your car headlight but forget about the color interior lights for cars also. One of the most popular looks right now is fitting blue interior LED lights for cars or color changing interior car lights. The car interior lights that come fitted as standard are perfectly fine to do the job they’re intended for but aren’t exactly the most exciting to look at.

Upgrading your interior car lights to LED is more eye catching and will not only give better lighting but also help with re-sale value in the future. LED interior lights offer one of the easiest and least expensive ways to make your ride look a million dollars and improve your rides lighting without breaking the bank.
The easiest way to convert to LED interior car lights is by purchasing an LED light kits for cars interior set. These LED interior lights kit for cars will have everything you need in from the LED strip lights themselves to the receiving box and lighting installation manual.

There are lots of different brands and types of kits out there now to improve your interior lighting and LED lights for inside car are easy to find online or in your local store. The lighting kits range in price from around $15 up to $50 so there will be an interior light for you, whatever your budget. They will all have their own lighting features and benefits so it’s a case of looking around and finding the one you like the most. If you own a bike also there are special LED lighting kits for motorcycles also.

Advantages of LED Interior Lights

One of the main positives of LED interior lights as we have touched on is the added style and looks they bring to the interior your auto. You will be blown away by how amazing the single color lights look when installed in your interior and the difference this type of interior will make to the overall lighting aesthetic of your car.

Car interior LED lights really are a great choice to give your car a makeover.
The next thing to love about LED lighting is their cost effectiveness. In terms of the value they bring to your ride, they are not expensive to pick up in comparison. You can get some great deals on the LED interior lighting kits you can buy now so they offer one of the least expensive ways to upgrade.
The added, brighter single color or multi color lighting that LEDs will give to your automobile interior also means that passengers inside the vehicle are more easily seen if necessary. The LED lights for inside car also allow the passengers better lighting and visibility to help the driver with directions, if lost for example.

In addition, the improved interior lighting they give inside gives the driver better visibility out on the road. LED interior kits are also simple to install and don’t require any extra housing or fittings. This is great as it means you save time and money in not having to visit a garage to have them fitted.

Disadvantages of LED Interior Lights

Don’t Let These Be A Distraction


As with all LED lighting, you need to be careful it’s not too bright or a color that is not suitable for the road. If you install interior LED lights that do dazzle other car, trucks or motorcycle drivers, you may end up in trouble with the police or causing an accident.

Indeed, in most countries it is not legal to drive with LED lighting on at all. It is fine usually to have car interior illumination on when parked up though.

Although a very stylish way to upgrade your ride, LED interior kits may not be to everyone’s taste so may not be an option that is right if you don’t personally like the lighting look they give.

Similarly, you may find that not everyone will like the lighting effect that car interior LED lights give when you come to sell and this may lose you sales.

LED lights are more expensive than standard lights so they will cost more than simply replacing your interior bulbs with new halogen lighting bulbs. This extra cost is due to the more complicated design and production process of LED lights compared to normal halogen ones.

Best Rated LED Lights for Car Interiors 2017

To help pick out the best LED interior option for your car, we have produced this review of the top LED light kits for car interior around today:

6) SurLight 4pcs Multicolor Music Car Interior Light Up Kit

At just $17.99, these are one of the top rated LED interior products you can buy and look amazing when fitted. Offering a total upgrade to the stock interior bulbs, this LED kit gives much brighter lighting for traveling with. This LED lighting kit is not single color which gives you great choice and fun as you swap between the modes and colors included. Once you find your favorite you can always stick with a single color if you prefer.
Coming with 8 monochrome LED colors that include red, green, blue, white, orange, yellow, cyan and purple there is also a control to adjust how bright the interior colors are which is handy. There are also 4 automatic change modes and 4 music sensor modes for added choice.

A great touch is the wireless remote control that operates the lighting system. This enables you to change the color at the touch of a button, quickly and simply. You can also synch the lights up to your car stereo so it changes in rhythm to the music. This is a really nice feature that will impress your friends.
These LED interior bulbs are water-resistant, flexible and UV resistant which makes the durable and able to last a long time. Easy to install, the double sided adhesive straps mean you will have no trouble in fitting them and don’t stick out in your interior or look ugly. More importantly, these car interior LED lights look superb when in use and the lighting is very eye-catching.
One of the downsides with this LED lights interior kit is that you have to make sure there is a clear path in the car between the remote and the receiver box for it to work. If there is not for some reason then it won’t which could be very frustrating. Also, the remote can’t be too far away from the receiver or it won’t work as above. Some users have reported problems with the single color LED lights burning out quickly or not working at all which is something else to consider before buying this kit.


5) Minger Car LED Strip Light 4 Pcs LED Underdash Lighting Kit

The top of the table Minger LED Strip Lights interior kit comes with a variety of monochrome colors included such as green, blue and white. Boasting a choice of 8 single color choices in all, you are also able to adjust the brightness to suit and make sure it’s legal. There are also 3 automatic change modes contained within and you can adjust the rate of change on these which is a bonus.

In addition, there is also 3 music modes which synch up to the music system in your car for a really cool effect.
The price of this LED interior kit is good at $17.99 so a wise choice if you don’t want to spend too much but still want a decent product. The lights themselves are nice and bright so do the job of lighting up your interior well. In terms of fitting these are very simple and you will have little trouble getting them ready in no time.
The negatives with this LED lights kit is that it doesn’t have quite the same feel of quality and strength that other, more expensive lights kits do in comparison. Although the lights look great, the look of the parts is not that amazing compared to others also. The different lighting functions included are a positive but then there are not as many different modes as other LED interior kits on the market if that is important to you.


4) ZISTE 4-Pieces Car Led Strip Lighting Kit

The best selling ZISTE LED red LED lights for cars interior color changing lights kit boats a wireless remote control to operate the system with and 8 colors to choose from. This kit also comes with a one year warranty so you will have support after buying if needed. This is a great touch and one that helps it stand out in from the other LED kits. The high-quality RGB LED strip lights included are well made, being anti-collision and water-proof. The light they give out is bright, crisp and the colors themselves are excellent.
The interior wireless remote is very handy as it allows you to easily change the mode or lighting single color at the touch of a button. Another great feature with these LED lights is how easy they are to fit and discreet. With these LED lights for inside car, simply peel off the backing of the double-sided adhesive on the back of the lights and fit under your seat or in the footwell as desired.

Unlike other LED kits, this one is also USB chargeable which gives it an edge over other kits that are not. At $24.99, they are one of the more expensive lights kits we looked at so not as easy on the bank balance. You also have to be aware that the remote will only work if close enough to the receiver box and with a clear path to it. If not, it won’t work which is obviously a big problem. You do have to be careful with the stickiness of the adhesive also – some users have reported it is not strong enough and so the lights can fall off after time.


3 LEDGlow 4-Piece 7 Color LED Interior Under-dash Lighting Kit

The 72 ultra-bright LED lights included with this interior kit give superb lighting along with 18 wide angle LEDs per tube. This all adds up to make them super-bright and great at lighting up your interior for maximum effect. It comes with 7 solid colors that include blue, white, teal and purple. The single color of the teal in particular is a welcome addition as you don’t see that in most interior kits.
Multiple lighting patterns are available from strobing to flashing and the sound activation option lets you link it up to your stereo. This is a cool effect especially when showing it off to your friends with the music pumping! Coming with a one year limited warranty and free technical support, you are covered if you need any help after purchase.
The mounting instructions though are easy to follow so you should have no trouble installing them in your interior. There is also an auto illumination feature included with this kit that lights up your interior whenever you open a door. Again, this is a very cool feature and one that makes one of the most attractive kits to buy.
The main drawback of this lights kit is the price – at $35.00, it is towards the more expensive end of the market in comparison to other interior lighting kits. Also, there is no brightness control included so you have no way or adjusting the light given out to your taste. Some users have also reported that the colors are not as bright or distinct as other kits on the market can give.


2 GD-Lighting 4pcs 7 Color LED Interior Under-dash Lighting Kit – RUNNER UP!

These lights from GD Lighting offer a great deal for what you get, costing just $17.99. This is definitely cheaper than some other kits out there and worth taking note of. Easy to install, they just stick into place once you have assembled the LED lights themselves. So, no time wasted in going to the garage or fiddling around with them yourself.
Coming with a full one year warranty, these give off a bright, crisp lighting that will definitely enhance the look of your car. They will also make it safer to drive and travel in especially at night time. Also included is a remote control function that allows you to operate the system quickly and easily.

The working distance of the remote is 6.5 meters so plenty long enough to be useful.
It comes with 8 lighting colors along with 8 modes. These are 4 color changing modes and 4 sound activation modes. The sound activation mode is great for impressing your friends as it operates the lights in time with your cars music.
A real oversight with this lights interior kit is the lack of instructions that come with it. Although fairly easy to figure out, that would have been nice as other interior lighting kits do. Another fairly major issue is the lack of separate on/off switch – if you lose the remote control there is no other way to power up or down. Some user reviews have also mentioned the LED lights themselves have a short lifespan.


1 OPT7 Aura Smart-Color LED Strip Interior Lighting Kit – BEST PICK!

The OPT7 Aura Smart Color LED interior kit is one of the quickest kits we’re seen to fit. The installation is so quick and only takes about five minutes! It’s a simple plug in and play process and the instruction manual is top class. The OPT7 strip lights themselves are great quality and very flexible – this is good as you can manipulate them to bend or twist where you need them to go. The SmartColor LED lights are bright and clear, mixing the colors at a micro level to great effect.
Also included in the kit is a remote control for wireless operation of the system. The SoundSynch and exclusive bass activated technology flashes the lights to the beat of your music to give a cool look. It also lets you choose the speed they flash and has a dimmable function on the remote which is a good touch. The lights themselves are really tough and durable so will last you a long time while standing up to heavy use.
One thing to mention with this LED kit is the price – at $44.95, it is one of the most expensive kits we have looked at. To be fair, the quality and design of the product to make it a fair deal still but it might be too expensive for some compared to other interior lighting kits. Some users have reported glitching also with the lights randomly coming on when driving.

As you can see there is a wide variety of LED lights and interior lighting kits to choose from. If you follow our buyers guide then you should pick up the right ones for you. LED inside lights do offer one of the simplest and least expensive ways to upgrade your ride and make it look super cool so are a great option.


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