Best LED Light Bars 2017 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

UPDATE FOR 2017: Picking one of the below best led light bars is for you if you read the following:  You live in a rural area, where you probably have your fair share of encounters with wildlife on the road while driving home at night. Not only can these run-ins be terrifying, they can also be down right dangerous—especially if you live in a region where deer, cattle, or even horses are abundant.

best led light bars

Be seen at night with these bad boys!

Best LED Light Bars Preface

That’s where having the best led light bars for a cars, trucks, or SUVs can help. These bars can light up the road around you tenfold—increasing your visibility and giving you more time to avoid potential obstacles.

Additionally, light bars can be a great option for those who enjoy off roading, whether it be in your truck, jeep, or ATV. The extra brightness can enhance your overall visibility, making the experience far more thrilling. With these particular lights, you’ll be able to see more and spend more time off road.

these are perfect for offroading

Perfect for off-roading!

But individuals looking to invest in a LED light bar should keep a few considerations in mind, whether they plan to buy in store or via an online retailer like eBay. While LED light bars are still considered the best option on the market when it comes to lighting—whether for your headlights or an additional bar—today, the market has become flooded with inexpensive options that are simply not up to par in terms of lifespan and quality.

Truly high-quality light bars are designed with a durable and dependable heat sink. This keeps the product cool, which helps ensure that the bulbs last longer.

Popular Light Bar Brands

There are a few brands you should look into:

  • Black Oak
  • Rigid Industries
  • Vision X
  • KC HiLiTES
  • Cosmoblaze
make your vehicle look stunning

Like this photo, led bars add a “stunning” factor to your ride

Another key element to look for in a light bar is the IP, or ingress protection, rating. Ingress protection measures how water and dust resistant a particular light product happens to be. The higher the ingress protection rating, the more durable the LEDs on the product happen to be. Ideally, the best LED light bar has an IP rating over 65.

Just as important: you’ll have to consider what size light bar you need. Sizes can range from a 6 LED light bar to a 72” LED light bar. However, the size that will work for you will depend on the amount of brightness you need, the purpose you plan on using the light bar for—i.e. for off roading or on the road—and the type of vehicle you intend to mount the light bar on.

Cree LED Light Bars

using cree led light on vehicle

here’s a picture of Cree BRIGHT led light

Cree LED Light Bars: Finally, you want to look for a light bar with LED bulbs made by well-known and reputable businesses. One of the finest LED producers is Cree. This is a company known for its top notch light bars, which typically have a longer lifespan compared to other bulbs and a higher level of brightness.

Of course, finding a product that fits the bill for these criteria and is also affordable isn’t simple. However, if the idea of doing hours of research to find the best LED light bar has you reconsidering the purchase, never fear.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 products on the market so you don’t have to. After extensive research and examining a multitude of user reviews, we’ve narrowed down the selection to the finest light bars that money can buy.

Rely on this guide to track down the right bar for your car, truck, or boat. Keep reading to find out what the following light bars have to offer in terms of visibility, brightness, and lifespan.

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COMPARISON: Best LED Light Bars for the Money

Senlips LED Light Bar
YITAMOTOR Curved 52”

Northpole 22" LED
Lightfox 2pcs 4" 18W
Nilight 2Pcs 18w Flood LED Work Light

10. Audew 340MM 12c – LED Light Bar

Audew 340MM 12c

#10 top pick Audew 340MM 12c

Those who do plenty of driving at night might find the Audew 340MM 12c led light bar to be a perfect match. This system comes with two 72-inch light bars that can be mounted on the front of a car, boat or even a trailer.

These particular light bars are especially bright and have a lifespan of 50,000 hours, which makes them a dependable option for individuals that spend plenty of time outdoors during the night. As an added benefit, this light bar also features an on/off switch, making them a preferable option for a variety of different uses, including camping, off-roading, night-time driving, and emergency use.

Additionally, this light bar is priced at just under $35—far cheaper than a range any other kit considering its size—which is far bigger than the typical single row led light bar. Installation is also fairly simple, requiring the user to stick the light bar using a double-sided tape or the steel mount. Unfortunately, being an inexpensive model this unit does have its flaws. Although the double-sided tape is convenient, many users report that the adhesive quickly fails. Also, the wires on the unit are somewhat fragile and prone to damage.


9. Nilight 2PCS 6.5’ 36w Flood LED – Perfect for All Types of Vehicles

#9 top pick Nilight 2PCS 6.5’ 36w

#9 top pick Nilight 2PCS 6.5’ 36w

If you’re looking for a 6” LED light bar, then you’ll enjoy all the benefits the Nilight 2PCs 6.5” Flood LED work Light Bar has to offer. This particular product has a lumen output of 2800 lumens, making it incredibility bright. Since this unit measures at 6.5 inches, it’s also a great alternative to the 6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch models if you’re having a hard time finding those less common sizes. The two lights also have more power than a standard 12-inch model.

The IP rating on this light bar 67, which means it’s weather resistant and can withstand exposure to things like dust and water. The aluminum casing that comprises the body also helps ensure that the product lasts for the full 30,000-hour lifespan.

However, if there are specific laws about the brightness of light bars in your region, then this product may not be the ideal fit for you. This model is not D.O.T approved, meaning that it’s only suitable for off-road use. Using it on the road can blind other drivers and even lead to a ticket. On the other hand, you’ll find that it’s the perfect offroad light bar.  These can be placed in front of the car, or even the roof. Closer to a 6 led light bar, this unit also might not provide enough light for off-roaders who prefer to drive during the very late night hours.

8. Yitamotor 52” 300w Combo Spot LED Light Bar

Yitamotor 52” 300w Combo

#8 top pick Yitamotor 52” 300w Combo

This 300 watt Yitamotor 52” Combo + 2X 18W Spot light bar is the ideal multi purpose product for any die-hard trucker. With IP rating of 67, you can rest assured that this is a product that’s built to last. Even better, the model works well for night driving, fog, and urgent use. It can even function as an off road LED light bar If you’re looking for a product in the range of a 50 led light bar, then you’ll find this to be a very suitable purchase.

What’s spectacular about this instrument is that it comes as a combo set, featuring two flood beams, a spot beam, mount, and the light bar. What’s more, the including light bar is a dual row unit, which is far bigger than the typical single row led light bars usually included in these types of kits. This means that you’re getting the best deal for the money. Even better, with quality features like an aluminum body, quart lens, and a powerful heating sink, you can be certain that this a unit that will be around for a long time.

The major issue with this unit is the price. Although it’s incredibly durable and exceptionally bright, it’s also pricier. For potential users on a budget, this might be overkill, especially since you can find other units available that are this size or larger for significantly less money.

7. Eyourlife LED Light Bar 24” – Equipped with SUPER BRIGHT Cree LED Bulbs

#7 top pick Eyourlife LED

#7 top pick Eyourlife LED

The great thing about the Eyourlife 24 LED Light bar is that it’s equipped with Cree LED bulbs, so users can feel secure that these are bright, quality lamps that will last for at least 50,000 hours. The unit also has a rating of IP68, which means it’s highly resistant to water and dust. Using a unique cone technology, this unit also maximizes the illumination produced, increasing the overall distance you can see.

The aluminum used on this Cree led light bar is also very durable and functions as an incredible heat sink, working to dissipate the heat from the light bar quickly. According to several Amazon reviews, users can also purchase 30 inches and 40 led light bar versions of the product, which is ideal for roof mounting. This is also a solid unit for 4X4s, with the 30 inch led light bar providing one of the broadest lighting scopes on the market.

Another appealing aspect of this 24 led light bar set is that it comes with the certification of its IP rating and a two-year warranty. The warranty and the certification provide the additional assurance many users prefer to have as proof of quality.  The only real drawback with this Cree led light bar is that it could be slightly brighter. However, considering that this is a cheap unit, it works great for occasional off roading and night-time driving.

6. Nilight 7’ 36w Spot LED Work Light – Great Off-Road Light

#6 top pick Nilight 7’ 36w

#6 top pick Nilight 7’ 36w

Nilight is one of the finest brands available when it comes to LED light bars, providing a wide selection of products that go all the way up to a 50 led light bar. In fact, these are some of the top units for a boat or trailer because they feature LED chips that are incredibly bright.

That’s especially the case with the Nilight 7” LED light bar. This is a great spot that functions in a variety of different environments and is very resistant to water and dust, featuring an IP rating of 67. Unlike other products, this unit also includes a heat dissipating silicone gel, which helps cool the system down fast—allowing you to use it for longer. Purchasing two of these units would also provide you with the same amount of power as a 14-inch product at a significantly cheaper price.

Almost reaching the power of a 10 led light bar, this is also a close approximation for anyone who is struggling to find a size 10 led light bar.

As the top seller on Amazon, and one of the most inexpensive, there’s a lot to like about this unit—especially if you plan on using it for occasional uses like camping, or even for a snow mobile. However, the biggest disadvantage to this model is that it doesn’t feature an on/off switch, which means that users will have to purchase a switch in addition to the product.

5. Nilight 2Pcs 18w Flood LED Work Light – Better Off-Road Read Light

Nilight 2Pcs 18w

top 5 pick Nilight 2Pcs 18w

If you’re in need of smaller pods that for cars or for a motorcycle, you’ll appreciate the Nilight 2PCS 18 Watt Light Bar. While other models have a range of uses, what really sets this unit apart is that it has an incredibly versatile span of applications, partially due to its smaller size. You can even use this product as an indoor lamp since only takes up about 12 volts.

Whether you plan on using the product for off-roading, working, or hunting, you rest assured that it’s built to suit your purposes, rating at an IP67 and featuring a design that’s intended to resist moisture build-up—a problem that can plague cheaper light bars.

You’ll find that this is an ideal off road led light bar. However, it’s not intended for use on the road, since the LED chips do not meet the D.O.T standards. For some users, this can be an issue of inconvenience.  Additionally, although this is one of the more inexpensive units on the market, it’s not one of the brightest. Some LED light bar reviews also cite that the lack of a cutout template makes this lighting system harder to install on bumpers since it adds more guess work to figure out how to place the unit.

4. Lightfox 2pcs 4″ 18W – Flood Cree LED Light Bar  

Lightfox 2pcs 4" 18W

top 4 pick Lightfox 2pcs 4″ 18W

For buyers looking for a product that’s smaller than a 6″ inch LED light bar, the Lightfox 2pcs 4″ set just might be the perfect option. Backed by a two-year warranty, this unit is designed to last for up to 50,000 hours. Being a smaller system, these lamps are especially ideal for ATVs or for utvs. Additionally, you can purchase these pods in groups of four to create the same lighting effect as a 16-inch unit.

Rated an IP67, these mini units are designed to be relatively water resistant and dust proof. However, among users who review the product, several have mentioned that exposure to severe weather, like consistent rain, can cause the bulbs to simply stop functioning.

Many other LED light bar reviews have reported that although installation is relatively hassle-free, adjusting the mounting is complicated, requiring users to remove the screws are readjust the unit. For some this may even cause the screws to chew through the product’s aluminum.

However, as one of the most affordable Cree led light bars available today, these flaws are significantly outweighed by the fact that you get a bright set of lamps that last for a very long time.


3. Northpole 22″ LED Light Bar 126W 

Northpole 22"

top 3 pick Northpole 22″ 126W

Buyers in need of a 22″ LED light bar will be especially satisfied with the Northpole 22″ LED light bar, which features LEDs made by Cree. One of the most attractive features of this Cree led light bar is that it is an entire set, which includes a LED light bar and two lamps. Although this unit only comes with a one year warranty, fewer reviewers report problems with this product, which is why it ranks in at number three on our list of the best led light bars.

Additionally, while this isn’t a curved LED light bar, this set does provide a wide scope of visibility, with a luminosity that projects over a broader width span than many other units.

Providing 126 watts of light and featuring a high-quality build made of aluminum, this 22 LED light bar is one of the better-LED light bars for trucks and is also a great creed led light bar—specifically in light of its shatterproof lenses that make it ideal for off roading. Buyers can also purchase two of these models to equal the power of a 40 led light bar.

2. YITAMOTOR Curved 52” – One of the Best LED Light Bars for Offroading

YITAMOTOR Curved 52”

top 2 pick YITAMOTOR Curved 52”

There’s plenty of benefits that having a light bar with a curve can provide drivers, which is why frequent night-time drivers should consider the YITAMOTOR curved 52” off-road LED light bar. This unit is amongst the finest curved LED light bars for trucks thanks to the unique curve, which broadens visibility by widening the beam’s scope.

As a mid-priced option, this light bar is an especially good deal for drivers on a budget. It’s a fantastic off road led light bar and is ultra bright, emitting a brightness of 300 watts. But the best part is the fact that this unit is backed by a lifetime warranty, which protects it against any manufacturer defects.

Another benefit to using this unit is that it provides a dual row of Curved LED light bars. Unlike a single row led light bar, dual rows give off twice the amount of light while taking up the same amount of space—enabling drivers to still place the unit on their bumper or roof while taking advantage of the extra brightness. Even LED light bar reviews to agree, listing this product as one of the most affordable and high-quality options available.

1. Senlips LED Light Bar – Best LED Light Bar To Buy in 2017

#1 top pick to buy

#1 top pick!

When it comes to an affordable, high-quality, lighting system that goes beyond a single row LED light bar, you can’t go wrong with the Senlips 21” LED light bar. Just a little bigger than a 20 Inch LED light bar, this unit has a lot to offer in terms of brightness, durability, and versatility. You can use this product as like one of the LED light bars for trucks or you can use it indoors as an under cabinet illuminator.

Although it doesn’t come with the highest IP rating—ranking in a 67it’s still the better-LED light bar available thanks to its long lifespan—30,000 hours—and incredible brightness, which has the capacity to illuminate a huge distance even in pitch darkness. It even has a lighting scope that some LED light bar reviews claim is equal to a 30 inch led light bar, making it brighter than even some of the curved led light bars.

This is also one of the easiest models to install, requiring no extra light bar wiring the way most models do. Finally, this unit has a wide range of applicable vehicles, with a mounting application for SUVs, forklifts, boats, and for trucks. Everything just mentioned, makes it the best led light bar to buy if you’re in the market.

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