Brightest HID Headlight Bulbs for 2017

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“The BRIGHTEST Headlight Bulbs You Can Buy Online TODAY.”

There comes a time in every car owners life when you want to upgrade certain aspects of your ride. Maybe you want to make it your own or just want it to look cooler and slicker for cruising around town. Replacing your standard halogen headlights with the rest  LED or HID headlights (high intensity discharge lamps) is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to do this.

HID headlights especially are becoming more and more popular due to the bright light they provide and the stylish look they give your car. These headlight bulbs are a type of electrical-gas discharge lamp which give light via an electric arc being formed between tungsten electrodes inside a translucent inner tube. This way of producing light explains why they are often brightest and offer a more intense beam than standard lights.

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The standard halogen lamp that comes fitted in your car is not match for a high intensity bulb. The HID headlights are simply more efficient and give more light for night-time driving and additional safety. The HID headlights also offer the best chance to add re-sale value to your car as well as looking better.

Additionally, they also have lower power consumption which makes HID headlights one of the best changes you can make to your car.

Now we know what HID headlights are and the benefits they can bring, the next question is what to look for when you’re buying the best HID headlights.

Most HID lights will come as part of a HID conversion kit so you need to make sure the kit is correct for your needs and from a respected manufacturer. The HID conversion kit will contain everything you need to install the HID headlights from the lights themselves to the housing ballasts. There are different types of HID conversion kits from single beam to telescope conversion kits so do your research and find the right one for you.

HID headlight bulbs all have a color temperature – this is the degrees on the Kelvin scale they measure. The Kelvin scale simply tells you the color output of the HID headlight bulbs for colors like golden yellow or crystal white. Obviously, you need to decide which color you want your new bulbs to be and choose the right one. One thing to note is that this refers to the color only – the intensity of the light produced is measured in lumens so you need to take this into account when looking at which kit to buy.

Another important consideration is to check the law in your country to see which color temperature you can legally use on the road where you live. 1200K and 1400K for example produce a purple light that is only for on road or off road use in many countries and so not road legal.

You may also want to think about where you will buy the kit from in terms of a warranty. While you can pick cheap kits up on the aftermarket you may want to buy from a well-known shop or brand to get their warranty. This is especially useful if there are any problems with the HID headlights or kit after purchase.

Finally, you will want to find HID headlight bulbs that are easy to fit and install. Many on the market now offer this feature and it is worth finding one that slots in with no fuss. After all you want to spend your time driving round showing them off, not stuck in the garage fitting them in.

Here’s ten of the best HID conversion kits you can find on the market today:

Top 10 BRIGHTEST HID Headlight Bulbs and Kits On The Market TODAY

10)  Xtreme Vision HID Conversion Kit

The Xtreme Vision Conversion Kit is one of the best HID kits and one that boasts 100% plug and play fitting with no modifications required. This is a nice touch as it means you don’t have to waste time and effort getting them into your vehicle and working. 3 times brighter than halogen bulbs, they give more light and will last up to 5 times longer. This will in return save you money and time on buying and fitting new bulbs.

Another feature of this kit is the 35% less power consumption it offers compared to normal bulbs. The quality on these HID headlights is fantastic as they are 100% shock and waterproof with an ISO9001 certification guarantee their durability and design standards. It also comes in a range of color temperatures and with a 2-year warranty to further give you reasons to pick this kit up.

There have been user reviews that have said these are not the brightest HID headlights on the market which may be a drawback for some.

9) Lumenon Xenon Conversion Kit

This conversion kit is among the best HID kits contains all you need to upgrade to HID lights from the Lumenon ballasts to the mounting hardware and bulbs. The manual it comes with is very simple to follow making the installation a breeze.

These HID headlights have a 2000+ hour lifespan so you know you will get a lot of use from them. A direct replacement for the stock factory halogen lights, they fit right in with no fuss. The light they give off is more powerful than the halogen bulbs too for greater visibility.

They also come with a 2-year warranty and lifetime technical support in the USA so no need to worry if you have any problems after purchasing. The price on these is great, coming in at $20.00 which is one of the least expensive kits we looked at.

Although these are one of the best products, some user reviews have reported that they can burn out or break quite easily so something to bear in mind when choosing them.

8) Apex 9006 / HB4 Xenon Hid Kit

One of the best HID kits, the Apex 9006/HB4 conversion kit is a non-flickering, long lasting product that looks great when fitted into your car. It comes in a range of color temperatures so you can find the perfect one for your tastes. With a simple plug in and play installation, it is a fuss free kit to use with no wire cutting. For the majority of vehicles, it just slots right into the stock plug.

Included in the kit is the Apex high quality digital ballasts – these are built to last and very sturdy. The whole kit, bulbs included, is well designed and comes with a 2 year manufacturers guarantee. 100% dust, water and shock proof this is certainly a kit to consider when looking at which to buy.

The increased visibility and brightness you get compared to a halogen bulb is noticeable and the power saving of 35% is amazing. The only drawback is that on some vehicles you may need to install a relay harness or digital decoder to make it work. Although rare, if this applies to you it is extra cost and work. The ballasts have been reported as a little light in weight by some users also when compare to others out there.

7) SDX Headlight DC “Premium” Conversion Kits

This SDX conversion kit is a great choice if you’re thinking of upgrading to HID headlights. The installation is quick and should only take you about 20 minutes so you will be back out on the road in no time! The manufacturer provides free full technical support also so if you get stuck, it’s not a problem.

The light these HID headlight bulbs give off is very bright and looks great. They are definitely one of the best around in terms of light given out and design. User reviews report that the shipping is fast for these kits so you will soon get the kit though after you have ordered.

At just under $30 this is not one of the best HID kits in terms of price we have looked at so this may be a negative point for some on a budget. In addition, the pressure springs to fit it may be fiddly for some especially those with larger hands.

6) OPT7 Bolt AC 55w Hi-Power HID Kit

The OPT7 Bolt AC 55W kit comes with an extremely bright 3.900 Lm light which is typically 25% brighter than other HID headlights or kits. You also get increased reliability of up to 20% longer use due to the AC ADAPT technology contained.

On top of this, you get a fantastic 6 times more light than a normal halogen bulb and a staggering 6,000 hour life expectancy. The Z-Arc Mini Ball Bulbs give up to 35% less power use which is a great feature.

The kit comes loaded with everything you need to fit it and drive from relay harnesses to bulbs and ballasts so no need to have to go shopping for extra parts elsewhere. This is one of the best HID kits – the only main thing against it is the price. At $69.95 it is one of the more expensive kits we found for sale.

5) OPT7 Blitz Bullet Kit

This is described as the ‘World’s Smallest HID Kit’ and this is very true. Although smaller than other kits, it still gives maximum performance and impact. It is one of the best HID kits on our list.

One of the nice things about this kit is that no mounting is needed on fitting it – the ultra small Blitz Bullet ballasts will fit anywhere in mere seconds. Although small in size it is powerful still and gives a light that is bright due to its 35W ASIC chipset and last for over 4,000 hours. The HID headlights themselves look really good on your car and are a definite improvement to normal stock lights.

They really come into their own when driving at night as the super crisp colored light they deliver is great. With these babies installed you should never miss your turn off the freeway again!

Compared to some other HID headlights, the approximate lifespan of 4,0000 hours is not as good so this is something to bear in mind. You may also find you need to buy the anti-flicker capacitors that are not in the kit to avoid any problems with flickering lights after installation.

4) XENTEC H4 6000K Hi/Lo Conversion Kit

This XENTEC kit is one of the best kits we’ve looked at in terms of performance and quality. The super bright HID Bulbs included give off a powerful 3500 lumen light. This will make even the darkest of nights easy to drive on. This 3 times the light a halogen bulb will give meaning your visibility is improved greatly.

With an up to 5,000 hour lifespan these should last you a long time and avoid having to replace them frequently. The installation is the simple plug and play as with others on the list but you do need to check your compatibility first to make sure you order the correct ones. The conversion kit itself comes in very sturdy packaging and has everything you need to get going right away.

At $40.99, it’s about mid-range for price so good if you are wanting something up from budget but as expensive as one of the very best HID kits. The patented technology in the design protects against inconsistent power and poor lighting performance.

A worrying point with these HID headlights is that they have been reported by some users to have issues with waterproofing and therefore not working if gotten wet, for example after washing your car. There have also been concerns over the ballasts included in the kits and their reliability.

3) HID Xenon DC Headlight “Slim” Conversion Kit

At $29.99, this is one of the best HID kits. Armed with all the pieces you need, the installation is quick and easy. So no need to have to spend hours fiddling with it or take it to a garage. The lights themselves are weather, water and shock proof so should last you a long time and give hours of driving pleasure.

The lights themselves are nice and bright which is what you would expect from a set of HID headlights. Compared to the normal headlights in cars they are much better and crisper. With no filament to break, they should also last much longer than the standard halogen bulb also. This kit also comes in a wide range of color temperatures so you are bound to find a color that will make your car come alive. The design and quality of the parts in the kit is superb and very sturdy.

For the price, this is one of the best kits but some user reviews have noted that the lights have burnt out or broken soon after installation which may be a concern.

2) Innovited AC 55W HID Xenon Conversion Kit

The Innovited AC 55W conversion kit come with two punchy 55W HID bulbs included as well as the necessary ballasts. They are very bright and give just the effect you expect from HID headlights. They have an approximate service life of 5500 hours so you will get a lot of use out of them before needing to change.

The materials the ballasts and harness are made from is top class and will handle the rigours of everyday driving easily. Installation is fairly simple although some users have reported that the instructions included are not overly clear. They come delivered in great looking packaging and once fitted really give your vehicle a look of style and class.

Great for night driving or in bad weather, the 55W strength really give out a strong, bright beam to make driving easier. At just under $40, the price is good for the product but not the cheapest of the kits if that is a consideration for you.

1) Kensun HID Xenon Conversion Kit

The Kensun HID Conversion Kit is one of the most popular out there on the new and aftermarket and it’s easy to see why. They come in a sturdy aluminium carry case with all the individual parts well protected which means no breakages on delivery or when you’re transporting them.

The super bright 9006 bulbs included are easy to fit and give an impressive light output and strong beam. They are 100% shock, water and weather proof which means they will last you a long time and stand up to everyday driving. The ballasts included are also high-performance and fabulous quality. To back this up, a 2 year warranty is included so you can go back to the manufacturer if there are any issues.

The main thing to recommend this kit though is the look they give your car and also the performance. The light they output is bright and makes driving round when dark or poor conditions much easier.

At around $70 they are not the cheapest kits but for the design and quality of the product, you may think it worthwhile to spend a bit more than buying cheaper kits.

Installing a set of HID lights into your car has so many advantages from easier,safer driving at night to lower power consumption and giving your car a radical new look. The range of colors you can choose from and the kits you can pick up via the aftermarket or new means it’s never been easier.

Why not treat yourself and your car to one of the above kits today and see for yourself the difference it makes? One thing is for sure you won’t regret it and will wonder how you ever managed with standard halogen lamps in the past!

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