Brightest LED Headlights 2017 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

UPDATED FOR 2017: This buyer’s guide will shower you which are the brightest led headlights to buy. But first, let’s cover a few things. There are many kits out there and it is easy to find the This buyer’s guide will shower you which are the brightest led headlights to buy. But first, let’s cover a few things. The majority of cars you buy come fitted with standard halogen lights but these are not the best or brightest headlights you can use.

LED (or Light Emitting Diode) lights are a definite step up from standard lights due to the superior intensity and power they give – the brightest LED headlights throw out considerably more light. There are many kits out there and it is easy to find the best LED headlight bulbs in them.

Brightest LED Headlight Bulbs Prephase

The crisp, colored light they produce not only looks good but is safer as well. The increased visibility you will

comparison between factory halogen vs led headlight bulbs

Here’s a comparsion between halogen and led

get with LED headlights makes it easier and more secure to drive at night or in bad weather. This is a benefit to all but especially those with a family to drive around and travel with.

Also, they are less of a drain on the power from your car compared to standard halogen lights and this gives us another reason to upgrade to them. They also look very cool on your vehicle when fitted and gives your ride an inexpensive yet stylish makeover.

Advantages of Light Emitting Diode Lights

ultra bright led bulbs

As you can see from our brief introduction above, there are lots of reasons to switch to LED headlights. Number one on many peoples list is that they are easy to install into your vehicle. You won’t need a mechanic or any technical skills as most slot straight into existing housings. It is entirely possible to fit LED headlights yourself with minimal tools in around half an hour to save time and money.

Another advantage of them is that they are very easy to maintain. Compared to halogen lamps they don’t need to be replaced as much – usually, they will run for around 5000 hours which is considerably more.


This is due to them being a solid state in design making them more durable for everyday driving. By upgrading to LED lights, you are investing in your motoring future and making a saving in ongoing maintenance costs.

simple in design, efficient in light output

Simplicity and durability is in this picture

Light emitting diode headlights also represent a more efficient way of lighting as they convert around 80% of the energy they use, wasting only 20%. When you think that halogen bulbs waste 80% and only convert 20% then the difference is clear. This increased efficiency makes them cheaper to operate and when you take into account the money you’ll save on maintenance, the effect on your bank account is noticeable.

Perhaps the main benefit as already noted is the brighter and better lighting quality you get with them. Rather than a weak watery yellow, LED headlights to give a stronger, more piercing beam of light.

This obviously is better as it allows you to see further and with more clarity when driving.

LED headlights also use less power from your vehicle’s system which results in the net effect of you using less fuel. This along with the other savings LED lights can bring, makes them a great choice.


Disadvantages of Light Emitting Diode lights

inefficient due to heat waste

Light generating a LOT of heat… yup, this looks right (halogens are still worse at this)

Although a tempting option, LED lights do not come without their drawbacks. The main one lies around the heat they create when used. Although they do not emit heat as they light up, a certain amount is created at the bottom of the emitter. This can be a problem for adjacent cables and connectors as it may cause them to overheat. If a cooling system is fitted with the LED headlights though this should be avoided.

In a similar vein, due to being located in the engine bay of your vehicle they can have issues with overheating. This is the reason LED headlights are harder to design and implement into a vehicle compared to other forms of lighting.

Lastly but most importantly, they tend to be more expensive to buy than other types of headlights. This is due to their production cost is higher which in turn gets passed onto us as consumers. Although they save you money overall, the initial outlay will be greater than other lights you can pick up.

What to Look for in the Best LED Headlights?

The best way to pick up LED bulbs either new or via the aftermarket is purchasing a LED conversion kit. These conversion kits will have everything you need to install the LED headlights into your car, from instruction manual to the LED headlight bulbs themselves. This is true when buying either new or on the aftermarket.

It is best to one of these kits from a reputable brand or dealer as you would usually get a warranty with it then. This is a smart move just in case you have any problems with any of the kits after buying them. It will also guarantee you a well built, quality product.

You will also want to buy a LED kit that is easy to install. This will save you time and money means you will be back out cruising around sooner. It’s also worth taking your time to choose ones that have the look you want so your car will have the wow factor once they’re fitted.

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To make it easier, we have round up 10 of the best LED kits to buy right now for you:

COMPARISON: Best Brightest LED Headlights Bulbs for the Money

OPT7 Fluxbeam
Kensun New Technology
SNGL Super Bright
STCT Street Cat

10. AuxBeam LED Headlight Conversion Kits

#10 top pick AuxBeam LED

AuxBeam LED

The Auxbeam LED conversion kit is amongst one of the brightest led headlights you can buy. It has everything you need in it to upgrade your lights straight away. It comes with two super-bright lights each with two high powered CREE chips that you can apply to your headlight and fog light. Although the light produced is strong and clear, it will not dazzle other drivers. The light they give is emitted onto the road evenly at the best angle for full and brightest coverage when driving.

The compact design makes it easy to install as does the comprehensive instruction manual. It also boasts a built in CANBus to avoid any problems or error codes after installation. The soft white light they give out reflects well off road signs to make navigation easier. They come in at $52.99 which is pretty good for a LED kit.

They do need projector style housing to work properly though so you need to check this before you buy. If not the light they emit will be too strong and dazzle other drivers – it would be like driving with your full beams on all the time.


9. Autovizion Tunning Automotive LED Conversion Kit

#9 top pick Autovizion Tunning Automotive

Autovizion Tunning Automotive

These are a great choice due to the ultra-crisp and bright light they give off. The 600K color temperature white light is crystal clear and a definite improvement from halogen lights. The Autovizion LED lights ensure the brightest, a top class beam of light with no dark spots or foggy patterns.

This kit also comes with a lifetime warranty so no need to worry if you need any help or support in the future with them. Simple to fit, they can be installed right from the box into your existing housing and sockets. Canbus ready, these LED lights will work your vehicles central processing unit to avoid any errors.

Designed to control the heat emitted by the LED, they are built to last longer with the manufacturers promising an astounding 25000 hours of use. Compared to standard halogen lights, this is amazing. Tested to work under all weather conditions, these will give many years of extended use. At $52.95, they are one of the least expensive kits on the market and a brilliant deal.

Although easy to fit, they don’t have locks to stop you from twisting too far when putting them in so you need to be careful of that. Some user reviews have also found them a little less bright when compared to some of the best LED headlights out there.

8. Vplus X Series LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit

#8 top pick Vplus X Series

Vplus X Series

The VPlus X Series is one of the best LED kits and the lights themselves are a great example of some of the brightest LED headlights in action. They give off a clear light with a very nice pattern to it – this makes driving at night or in the snow easy. The bulbs have 4000 lumens each which explain why they’re so powerful. A welcome touch is the cooling heatsink dissipation – this allows the heat generated in use to be safely dissipated preventing any issues. It also helps in preserving the lifespan of the bulbs themselves.

These lights are a true example of ‘plug in and play’ installation. They are simple to fit and do not require any fancy tools or knowledge. The built in driver ballast helps with this as does the compact design of the whole unit. Made from rugged, waterproof material these lights are built to last.

A drawback with these particular LED headlights is that the cut-off pattern is not that sharp as you would expect. At $59.99, they aren’t the most expensive to buy but there are cheaper alternatives out there if you’re on a budget.

7. Alla Lighting New CSP Xtremely Bright LED Headlight Conversion Kits

#7 top pick Alla Lighting New CSP

Alla Lighting New CSP

Advertised as the brightest out there, these LED headlights certainly don’t disappoint! With 4000 lumens each, they give great visibility and the color temperature is appealing. Containing authentic high power, premium quality CSP chips, they also have a copper heating sink design for longer lifespan and better light output.

Coming with a full instruction manual they are easy to install and will go right where your old halogen lamps did. You’ll be back on the road showing them off in no time! A hassle-free refund within 30 days if not satisfied is included, as is a free one year warranty. The look of these lights when fitted is very cool too and will appeal to many people. This is certainly one of the best LED kits we found.

There have been some user reviews that report the bulbs burn out fairly quickly after installation so this is something to take into account. At $59.99, they are not the cheapest especially if you have to replace them a lot. They also have no swivel adjustment if you need to change the position from vertical to horizontal which may be a problem for some vehicles.

6. XtremeVision 7G 72W 16,000LM Dual Beam LED Headlight Conversion Kit

#6 top pick XtremeVision 7G

XtremeVision 7G

If you’re looking for one of the brightest LED headlights on the market now, either new or aftermarket, then you’ve come to the right place. These bad boys give off a stunning 16000 lumens pure white light for optimum vision and clarity. At 72W, they are one of the most powerful LED conversion kits you can buy. The 6063 Aviation Aluminium Body comes equipped with the latest LED chip and air flux fan cooling heating sink.

Up to three times stronger than halogen lamps, they also last up to ten times longer with the manufacturer claiming 30000 hours of life. They are great at saving you power and thus money due to the 35% increase in efficiency compared to normal lights. Overall this is a quality product and with a two-year warranty included a great deal.

There have been user reviews questioning the ease of installation however and the fact they may not fit in certain vehicles due to the socket/plug design. In light of this, it’s worth checking out they will fit in yours before you buy.

5. STCT Street Cat LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit

# top pick STCT Street Cat

STCT Street Cat

The STCT Street Car LED headlight conversion kit comes with two 600K color temperature lights that give brilliant, high-quality light. Each light is 40W and gives 4000 lumens of light which makes for one of the brightest, most illuminating beams. With no dark spots in the pattern, these lights are five times brighter than halogen lights.

Contained within this kit is professional cooling technology and modular heat protection to stop the LED’s overheating. This and the patented heat sink feature combine to give you over 30,000 hours of continuous light.

The IP68 waterproof design means these lights will work in even the worst weather and keep you on the road. The rugged, innovative design even means they will even work in the desert or off road. The installation is easy and you will be able to fit these into your car straight from the box. A CanBus is included with both lights to ensure they work fine with your car when in. The one year guarantee is a nice touch and gives you peace of mind when buying.

If you buy these lights you do need to remember to remove the glass tube from them before fitting. These are not functional and are only there to protect them during transport. There have been user reviews advising of problems with static noise after installing these lights also. At just $49.99 though they are a bargain.

4. JDM ASTAR G2 LED Lights Conversion Kit

JDM ASTAR G2 #4 top pick


Armed with two high-quality second generation CSP LED chips, the lights contained in this kit are fantastic and one of the brightest you can buy. This puts it up there with the best LED kits to buy currently. A total of 8000 lumens light output will ensure you get a clearer, brighter light after installing them in your vehicle. The light beam pattern is very good and gives you an excellent view of the road. This conversion kit also comes with one warranty for items damaged during delivery or with a defect.


In addition, there is an innovative heat dissipation design built in that ensure the lights don’t overheat and get damaged. This will improve their longevity and save you having to replace them.

A drawback with these LED headlights is that on some vehicles an additional anti flicker relay harness or resistor may be needed to make it work properly. There have also been issues reported with installation for some vehicles where the bulb will not snap into the harness as expected to hold it securely.

3. SNGL Super Bright LED Headlight Conversion Kit

#3 top pick SNGL L.E.D.s

#3 top pick SNGL SuperBright

Built by the manufacturers as the brightest LEDs available, the SNGL Super Bright LED Headlight Kit is a well-designed and cool looking product. Pumping out clear, bright light at 600K on the color temperature scale, the focused lighting pattern is superb. At two to three times brighter than other LED or halogen bulbs, you will see for miles with these.

With no discernible warm up time, these lights fire up straight away and give great visibility without any glare. The exclusive adjustable beam technology allows you to change the direction and depth of the lights to get them just right for you. The bulbs in the kit are CanBus ready and boast an anti-interference design. With over 50000 hours lifetime and the SNGL intelligent cooling system, this kit is one of the best.

The major thing to note against this conversion kit is the price – at almost $178, it is by far the most expensive kit on this list.

2. Kensun New Technology All-in-One LED Headlight Colors Conversion Kit

#2 top pick Kensun

#2 top pick Kensun New Tech

Coming in a strong and smart aluminum carry case, this Kensun New-Tech LED headlight conversion kit is one of the best LED kits out there. With a two-year warranty and excellent customer service, you can buy this safe in the knowledge you have support if needed. Taking around half an hour to fit, the installation of the Kensun lights is quick and easy. With no extra wiring or resistors, they slot right in first time.

The ultra-bright 9005 lights contained in the kit look great and give a strong, crisp beam of light when in use. They have a 500-metre range for improved visibility and a 30000-hour lifespan for plenty of use. The chips are CREE made in the USA so you know you are getting top quality and extra filters of two colors are included also.

At just $59.99, this is one of the best LED kits and LED conversion kits out there. Some users have reported they are not as easy to fit as advertised in some vehicles which are worth bearing in mind.

1. OPT7 Fluxbeam – Brightest LED Headlight Bulbs

#1 top pick led headlight bulbs

#1 top pick OPT7

The OPT7 Fluxbeam conversion kit lights are the only ones on the market with CREE MK-R and Arc-Beam technology to give you a flawless beam pattern. The clear, cool white light gives a very bright beam with no dark spots. Lasting over 50000 hours, you will get lots of driving out of these lights before needing to replace them.

The kit also contains a RedLine driver which helps with cooling the lights down when in use. This along with the solid aluminum build and TurboCool fan gives a light that will last for years and years. CANbus ready, the bulbs are easy to fit and will sit right in your current housing sockets.

If that wasn’t enough, you get a worry free two-year warranty and lifetime support from the manufacturer on purchase. This is great and means you don’t have to worry about getting any problems sorted post purchase.

At $99.99 this kit is one of the more expensive we looked at and this might put you off if you’re on a budget. It is one of the brightest led headlights we looked at though (undoubtedly).

Installing new light emitting diode headlights into your vehicle are a fun way to make it look cool and give it a makeover. More importantly, they will also make driving easier and safer especially in bad weather or at night. Any of the LED conversion kits we have checked out above would be a smart choice so why not treat yourself and your car to one today?

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